Sound Better at Work or Play!

Within the first seven seconds of hearing your voice, a person will decide if you are trustworthy, smart, effective and interesting.

Is your voice boring?

Too soft or loud?

Too high or low?

Unpleasant?  Indistinct?  Not easy to understand?  Breathy?

Do you speak too quickly? Sound unnatural?  Speak without authority?  Lack clarity when you speak?

Voice coaching reveals your most compelling voice.  Discover solutions!  Find your authentic speaking voice!  If you are a singer, learn to blend, sing perfectly in tune, increase your range, sing with clarity, use dynamics with ease or improve your diction.  If you are a speaker, learn to connect with your audience, get your message across, speak with passion and clarity, and feel confident.

You will:

  • Discover your most interesting voice
  • Strengthen your voice
  • Learn simple and fun exercises for voice and breathing
  • Speak louder while using your voice correctly
  • Practice strategies for reducing stage fright and increasing stage presence



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