Pronouncing American English

Improve your American English pronunciation!

Do you think it’s impossible to be fully understood when making presentations?

Do you find it difficult to make yourself understood at work or in the lab?

Do you dread talking on the phone or in public because of your accent?

Would you like to be understood on conference calls?

We Can Help You!

We are offering a new program for companies that are geographically far from us.  We are designing programs for your specific needs (groups or individual) with intense in-person training in 4-6 hour segments, followed by individual training using Skype.

At VocalEase, teaching clear communication is our business! Our Pronouncing American English program coaches multi-lingual individuals, at any skill level, how to pronounce American English.

VocalEase offers training in speaking American English clearly with correct articulation, correct pronunciation, learning to use pitch as a native speaker of American English would use it, using stress correctly, building adequate loudness (if needed), and speaking at a slower rate.

We help clients to pronounce the vocabulary they use in their everyday lives, whether at work, home or in social settings,to develop effective communication repair strategies and then practice them.

Telephone communication and body language will be studied.  Numerous opportunities for practice conversations are built into the program.  Clients sometimes practice voice and breathing exercises to help increase vocal strength, flexibility and range.

We know that changing speech takes time.  It is our practice to work with you to construct a program that will meet all of your goals.

Our training offers personalized:

  • Individual assessment
  • Achievable goals with measurable results
  • Video feedback
  • Computer-assisted learning
  • Written training materials

Learners walk away with the ability to:

  • Converse with more clarity in American English
  • Hear and pronounce new sounds, such as r (as in car) or th (as in think) or ih (as in it)
  • Use pitch correctly when speaking American English
  • Feel confident when speaking
  • Interact with sharpened awareness of cultural and communication differences


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