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Pronouncing American English For Businesses

Do your employees have insight and creative vision, but have trouble communicating their vision to others? Do you work with employees who want to speak English with fluency and ease?  Do they hesitate to offer their opinion because they are not sure about the appropriate way to express it?  Would your employees like to master the sounds, rhythms, and pitch patterns of American English?  Would they benefit from practicing Pronunciation of American English with an experienced professional instructor?

VocalEase has a 15-year record of coaching Pronunciation of American English for groups and individuals in corporate and university settings including UC Berkeley, California College of the Arts, UC San Francisco, and CSU East Bay.  Our professional speech trainers have an exceptional “ear,” or ability to hear, analyze, and address the sound patterns and differences of international and native speakers.  We specialize in coaching intelligent and educated people from around the world.


VocalEase will coach your employees to:

  • Identify personal obstacles to being understood

  • Speak slower, open their mouths more, speak louder, and use the music of English

  • Use their tongue, lips, jaws, and facial muscles in new ways to speak the sounds that elude them

  • Increase clarity on the telephone

  • Hear and articulate challenging words

  • Pronounce specialized business and industry vocabulary

  • Practice the etiquette for effective and polite communication in context


VocalEase provides individual or group instruction (with a ratio of one trainer for every four participants), with homework and instructor check-ins between classes. Your company provides the classroom and the clients. Sessions are on Skype, or in person if located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The cost varies depending upon the needs of the client(s).


Contact Thomas Hickey at [email protected] or (510) 912-1422 to arrange trainings for your employees.

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