Learn to give clear and powerful presentations

The number one fear in this country is speaking in front of a group.  You can harness the same energy from fear and re-purpose it to give clear and powerful presentations.  At VocalEase you will learn to:

  • Use your best voice
  • Look at your audience and make eye contact
  • Be animated in facial expressions, gestures, posture, body orientation and movement
  • Give organized and successful presentations
  • Speak before a camera and see your progress
  • Deliver your presentation while using your voice and visual aids effectively, with good stage presence, and fielding audience questions
  • Use a microphone correctly

Does stage fright (anxiety) affect your presentations?

  • Do your hands sweat?
  • Butterflies in your stomach?
  • Rapid heart rate?
  • Unsteady voice?
  • Weak knees?
  • Perspiration?
  • Dry mouth?
  • Do you sound unsure of yourself?
  • Can’t think on your feet?

Turning Stage Fright into Stage Presence

  • Learn about stage fright
  • Visualize your presentation
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Plan your presentation
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Use relaxation exercises
  • Be prepared
    • Practice, practice, practice!
    • Visit the room or location (before you speak)
    • Channel excess energy
    • Get enough sleep the night before

On-the-spot solutions

  • Pause before you speak
  • Feel your feet on the floor
  • Use energy while you talk
  • Have a conversation
  • Look at friendly faces


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