Why SIGN UP WITH VocalEase?

If you give presentations and feel that…

  • you could do better
  • you speak too fast or too quiet
  • you sound boring
  • your audience could be more engaged

VocalEase can help!

When you speak, if…

  • you don’t like your voice
  • your voice does not carry (is not loud enough)
  • your voice becomes hoarse
  • your rate is too fast

VocalEase can help!

If English is your second or third or fourth or fifth language and you feel…

  • frustrated at having to repeat what you say
  • tired of having co-workers complain about your “accent”
  • hopelessness at not being understood
  • a desire to increase opportunities for a promotion
  • alienated from team members

VocalEase can help!

If you represent a corporation or are a business owner and have employees who need help, VocalEase training can result in–

  • clear communication in person and on the telephone
  • reducing high turnover and associated costs of training new learners
  • satisfied clients who can understand your workers
  • enhanced teamwork
  • increased productivity
  • more confidence

We know that changing speech takes time. We work with you to construct a program that meets your goals, that helps you speak and be understood successfully.

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