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Happy Spring! We are excited to be welcoming Spring by offering one of our Most Popular Classes.

Prounouncing American English

Mondays, April 3 – March 22

Class time : 5-7pm

Location: To be announced

8-week class

This eight-week course will teach you to:

Use your tongue, lips, jaws, and facial muscles in new ways to speak new sounds

Say challenging words and specialized vocabulary

Practice social customs for effective communication

Engage in conversation in person, on the phone, and in social and academic settings

And includes:

Individual assessment to identify personal obstacles

16 hours of class time

Detailed course textbook prepared by Sherrin Loyd

One instructor for every four students (4:1, student to teacher ratio)

Free access to VocalEase support for 3 months after the course ends.

WEEKLY CLASS SCHEDULE (subject to change):

 Week One: Introduction of four important strategies for speaking clearly; identify the sounds that are difficult for you to pronounce; identify where speech breakdowns occur; introduction to pitch (intonation) in American English); and, start your personal vocabulary list of difficult words that you use in your daily work or social life.

Week Two:   Learn four vowel sounds; observe how your tongue, lips and jaw move differently in your first language when compared to American English; practice using pitch in American English; focus on syllables; learn four new consonant sounds; learn mouth exercises that let you experience the possibilities of moving your mouth in new ways. Make an outline for a 2-minute presentation for the next class.  Practice personal vocabulary words.

Week Three: Review assessment results; learn three new sounds and use them in sentences; practice learned sounds and strategies; identify voiced and voiceless consonants; explore rate and rhythm review and practice personal vocabulary words; engage in conversation.  You will give a two-minute presentation, which will be videotaped and feedback will be given.  

Week Four:  Introduction to facial expression and body language; practice power poses; learn about voicing at the ends of words; practice learned sounds in sentences/paragraphs; practice consonants; review and practice personal vocabulary words; and engage in conversation.

Week Five:  Give a 2-3-minute teaching presentation.  Learn self-correction tool.  Introduce ways of connecting words together (linking). Continue with pitch and articulation; demonstrate self-correction skills; practice using pauses in conversation.

Week Six:  Continue adding new sounds and new vocabulary; practice in conversations; practice posture, voice production and breath support; learn techniques to improve telephone communication; review and practice personal vocabulary words; practice conversation.

Week Seven:  Learn to use stress in multi-syllabic words; past tense and plurals; intonation with questions; review and practice personal vocabulary words; and engage in conversation.

Week Eight:  Final presentation (3-5 minutes) demonstrating what you have learned (videotaped with feedback) and conversation; self-assessment practice.

Week Nine:  Review the progress you have made; review of presentations; receive your certificate of completion; discuss “small-talk” and how to participate in it; practice using your home program for continued learning; evaluation of class. 


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Prounouncing American English

Mondays, 5-7pm, April 3- May 22,

Cost: $397.00


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